Privacy Policy

General. This privacy policy applies to the (CHC) website, published by Kay Baumhefner.

CHC does not sell personally identifiable viewer, student, or client contact or subscriber/distribution list information to third-parties.

Website hosting. The CHC website is hosted by, which by providing this service has access to CHC content and some viewer information. The privacy policy is here.

Following the CHC blog. You may “follow” the CHC blog, which results in an email notification being sent to you automatically after a new CHC post is published. You must provide your email address to subscribe — refer to the Follow Blog via Email section in the CHC website’s sidebar (laptops/desktops) or footer (tablets and smartphones) to do so. You may unsubscribe at any time via the unsubscribe link at the bottom of these emails, or by following the instructions accessed from the same Follow Blog via Email section mentioned above. This subscription service is provided by The privacy policy is here.

At its discretion, CHC may also email/contact you with information it believes you should or might like to know.

The Balcony Gîte. Requests for information, booking, and payment arrangements regarding the Balcony Gîte in Lagrasse, France, are usually referred to and managed by Amélie Dekker with the resources and policies she uses to do so. Please refer to the Balcony Gîte listing on her website and direct related questions to her.

Commenting on Posts. CHC no longer supports direct viewer comments on its website posts (AKA articles) or pages, and therefore no longer collects this kind of information. If you would like to send comments to Kay, please do so via the information listed on the CHC Contact page.

Publishing Feedback. CHC will first request permission from the source before publishing any feedback it receives from viewers, clients, students, or those who have stayed at “The Balcony Gîte”.

Policy changes/breaches. Any significant changes to the CHC Privacy Policy will be updated here and may also be published in a post. As appropriate, notification of breaches of personally identifiable information in the care of CHC may be published here, in a post, or through direct notification via email or other means, which may depend on the information you have provided CHC.

Questions or requests. If you have any questions or requests regarding the CHC Privacy Policy, contact Kay Baumhefner per the email address provided on the CHC Contact page. Please allow at least several days for a response as Kay may be away or want to confer with, or refer the inquiry to, her service providers.

Last updated May 24, 2019