Regarding Use of Our Website

All the Come Home to Cooking website material (text, photographs and/or artwork) is copyright protected, which prohibits the unauthorized reproduction of any of this material in any way. But we are happy to respond to your reasonable request(s) to do so, which would certainly include gathering information for related press coverage, so please feel free to inquire about the possibilities; see the Contact page.

Reader Comments for Posts on Kay’s Weblog

Come Home to Cooking welcomes your feedback but screens all reader comments before they are permitted to display on our website to prevent spam and inappropriate content. Come Home to Cooking reserves the right to show or discard any and all comments at its discretion.

Regarding Privacy

Come Home to Cooking does not sell student or client contact, mailing list or subscriber information to third-parties.

Regarding Consultations

Consultation Content

Come Home to Cooking reserves the right to publish the content covered in consultations while taking reasonable measures to protect client identity.

Client Results

Client cooking environments, ingredients and circumstances are individual. By booking a cooking consultation, you accept the responsibility for the results from any instructions or advice provided by Come Home to Cooking. Come Home to Cooking does not guarantee the results of any instructions or advice provided to clients.

Regarding Our Classes

Class Menus and Recipes Subject to Change

Some scheduled recipes or menus may need to be altered to accommodate unexpected changes in seasonal availability or other circumstances.

Permission to Record Your Likeness

Some classes may be recorded (photographs, video, audio, etc) and therefore you may be in them; by attending you agree to this and give permission for the use of your likeness in instructional and promotional material, including web sites. If you do not wish to be in a photograph, please tell the instructor ahead of time.

Recording of Classes and Materials

The recording of classes, or portions thereof, may only take place with the instructor’s consent. This content, as well as any printed materials handed out in class (including recipes and related information), may not be reproduced or published in any form, including being posted on the Internet, or adapted in anyway for resale, without the explicit written permission of Come Home To Cooking. If you are interested in doing so, please feel free to inquire; see the Contact page.

Release from Liability

Cooking, preparing food, and being in any type of kitchen environment can be dangerous. Participation in a Come Home to Cooking class involves inherent risks that cannot be removed, even with reasonable care. By registering for or attending a Come Home to Cooking event, you accept the responsibility for these risks and agree to release Come Home to Cooking and its staff, employees, volunteers and contractors, from any and all liability arising from direct or indirect damages and/or injuries. In addition, Come Home to Cooking and its staff act only as agents and assume no liability for damage, injury, loss or accident in any vehicle or through default of any company or persons engaged in carrying out the arrangements of the program.