More info re following this blog

You can subscribe to follow this blog in two ways: option 1) with your email address, or option 2) with a user account. Most people will simply use their email address and can ignore any options to create a account. If you do want to use a account, see option 2 below.

Option 1. Follow this blog with your email address

Enter your email address in the sidebar to the right and click Follow. You will then be sent an email from, our service provider, asking for confirmation. If you are already subscribed, you should see a notice to that effect in the sidebar, or if you attempt to subscribe when you are already subscribed.

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Option 2. Follow this blog via a account

If you have a account, or wish to create one to use their additional services, you can login and use that to follow this blog. This is referred to in their documentation as being “a user.” This is totally optional and entirely at your own discretion and responsibility. (Come Home to Cooking does not provide support.) We only mention this because you may see prompts suggesting you sign-up for a account and we don’t want you to think you have to do that to follow our blog.

For more information, read the support document Following Blogs. (Note: we hide the floating Follow button in the lower right of your screen they may refer to because we feel it is a distraction.) If you have more questions or need support, please refer to Support.