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Everyone Loves Pizza and There’s a Reason Why

But how many really great ones have you ever had?

Sausage pizza.
Sausage Pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella, sweet sausage, Juanita peppers, fresh burrata, garlic oil, arugula.

Welcome back to Della Fattoria! It makes perfect sense that such celebrated bread bakers would want to make their own version of this classic favorite for us all to get to revel in. So they’ve just recently started kneading, rising and shaping their slowly fermented pizza dough to top with must-have options for a variety of selections you can find on their new summer dinner menu.

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Della Delights

As Another Full Circle Comes Round

It’s been a year full of both life-affirming and time-consuming surprises. So I am very pleased to finally be able to sit down and send out an update to all of my readers.

Elisa Weber’s extensive skill set and larger-than-life imagination worked overtime to create this Alice in Wonderland new dining room scene at Della Fattoria.
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Keep on Sparkling

With Chilled Vintage Bubbly in Your Glass

En Tirage 2010 Duo.

Back in July I asked you to please stay tuned for future blog installments, as we then needed to set aside the time to heal a pinched neck nerve (and then our devoted dog after her serious knee operation). It all took even more time, patience and care than we originally imagined. But in the meantime, we were also in the process of labeling, foiling and releasing my husband’s 2010 En Tirage sparkling wine, and creating a new website to support that as well.

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It’s a Literal Pain in the Neck

And Something I Would Never Choose to Put on My Joie de Vivre Schedule …

But a pinched nerve is currently insisting I lay off everything like lifting, slicing, chopping, stirring and typing to give it a rest right now. So that’s why you haven’t heard from me in a while.

After feeling frustrated and bored with the whole business, I’ve decided to try to shift gears into considering this a healing retreat opportunity …

Courtyard in summer.

… complete with ice packs, soothing music, and time to both sit down and smell the roses all around. Those opportunities are already right here, and this too shall pass.

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Bringing It Back Home

With Lasting Impressions of Moments That Mattered …

Moules heart.
Moules heart

And still do. After traveling throughout many different parts of France over the years, and really loving them all for different reasons, it was only a year ago when we first discovered what I call the “deep southwest” just north of the Pyrenees. Capturing our hearts at first sight, we immediately realized we had arrived in a less touristed region that still authentically embraces what we try to support in our lives at home and went to France for in the first place. La joie de vivre!

“Bringing It Back Home”, continued

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Taking Off Again

In Hopes of a Life Without Critical Regrets …

Olive Tree.
Olive Tree

At least that’s our conscious intention. What with work and ongoing life responsibilities, for decades now, we’ve basically managed to take a holiday of any kind about every 4-5 years. No complaints, just the facts. And even back in the day when we were Montessori teachers with a combined income that allowed us only $7/week for groceries, I am happy to report that we feel we’ve always had a rich life.

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A Riph on Epiphany

Still Rippling Through My January Days —

Bozo Bread Don_316 copy_480How perfect is it that today Don happens to be making slowly risen bread? I’ve decided we should feast on it tonight for a classically simple yet fortifying supper with a bottle of our own red wine, a wedge of cheese and generous drizzles of extra-virgin olive oil. Only that before the tempting apple.

And then as the oven preheats to on high, may we manifest the 12th night cake in the form of ginger spice and chocolate mint cookies we also have baking. Everything all set to arrive with royal mandarins and yet another momentous opportunity for personal insight and revelation.
Guide us to our perfect light.

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