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Living It at Home

One Moment at a Time …

Sunday croissant.

For most of our time on this planet, human beings have known all they could do in any situation was to keep depending on foraging, hunting, gathering, sowing, reaping and sticking together just to stay alive. To seek out, share and take advantage of whatever they could find or had at hand. And then hopefully gather around the fire to sustain themselves and each other, perhaps to sing and give thanks for making it through another day.

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Once Upon a Time

In the Land of Joie de Vivre

Roman Road P6021254During the summery season in the French Pays Basque, daylight lingers until 10pm. So just last month when we were still there on holiday, it was always easy to find time for a postprandial ramble even after a leisurely dinner. Time to stretch our legs, go feed carrots to the donkeys, take in the rolling green countryside spread out all around us, breath deeply and continue digesting it all with satisfied sighs. Then we still got back to our gîte in time to see the lights flicker on along the old Roman road leading up into our plus beaux village the next hill over. And to watch the church tower illuminate and ring out the hour. Yes, that was the view out both our ground floor kitchen and upstairs bedroom windows. And, yes, that means we’d already had plenty of exercise in our day, either walking all around ancient towns or hiking the timeless trails, where so many feet have trod before us.

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I Wanted to Move In

And Make Stock —

Kay Tea Version 2To be able to mindfully both take stock and stock up, so we’d be all set to make the most of each moment. To waste not want not in every aspect of our recent bon voyage back to the French Pays Basque. And, as much as possible, to minimize the travel tedium of required packing, schlepping, unpacking and having to settle in over and over again. That’s why we chose to rent one centrally located gîte in a small plus beau village, to provide a single home base for the entire time, with the best of both city and country close by. Of course, it had to come with an equipped kitchen, which immediately became the hub of our wheel, as we headed out in every direction for our daily discoveries. And this is what we discovered, both once again and as refreshed revelations.

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The Primal Pot

This Time of Beans —

Carrots & mustard flowers_154 copy_480.jpgThey were Rancho Gordo Mayocoba heirloom beans, gently simmered into silkiness with a generous mound of caramelized mirepoix, and further enriched with the additional layers of flavor and texture in pulled chunks of the intensely sweet, hot and smoky barbecued braised Thistle beef and pork rib meat we had left over from our son’s birthday party.

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