Everyone Loves Pizza and There’s a Reason Why

But how many really great ones have you ever had?

Sausage pizza.
Sausage Pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella, sweet sausage, Juanita peppers, fresh burrata, garlic oil, arugula.

Welcome back to Della Fattoria! It makes perfect sense that such celebrated bread bakers would want to make their own version of this classic favorite for us all to get to revel in. So they’ve just recently started kneading, rising and shaping their slowly fermented pizza dough to top with must-have options for a variety of selections you can find on their new summer dinner menu.

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Caeser salad.
Caesar Salad with romaine hearts, griddled campagne bread croutons, anchovies & Caesar dressing.

Yes, now that peaches are falling off the trees and garden heirloom tomatoes are truly ripe, Della Fattoria is embracing this most relaxed season of the year with a menu full of favorite casual comfort foods. You know all those dishes everyone loves, but wishes someone actually knew how to make well and reliably provide? It’s happening right now at Della.

Ratatouille and Tranche.
Ratatouille & Tranche with roasted summer vegetables and griddled campagne bread.

And on top of that finely-honed set of sensibilities, the Della chefs are quite naturally inspired to add their own refreshing little twists to each dish, while still respecting the authentic characteristics that made each creation so popular in the first place. And as you will see, everything is also very reasonably priced.

Chicken Cacciatore.
Chicken Cacciatore with tomato-braised chicken thighs, portobello mushrooms, creamy polenta with fresh corn and toasted breadcrumbs.

Been to Della for dinner lately? I think you’ll want to make a point of it. Welcome back to truly delicious and family fun dining in a uniquely magical place. We are all so lucky to have them as such a vital part of our amazing community here in Petaluma.

Pappardelle and Meatballs.
Pappardelle & Meatballs with Early Girl tomato sauce, meatballs & parmesan.

I look forward to seeing you there.
Bon Appétit! Kay

A perfect cappuccino.

PLEASE NOTE: Starting next week on August 11, they’re expanding to be open for dinner on Sundays too.

Della dinner menu.