Opening New Doors and Windows

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It’s still all about what it can mean to Come Home to Cooking – no matter what or where you are or call “home”. It’s also always all about what actually matters most in any given moment. And how much we need to keep creating new possibilities that can generously serve the purpose of being alive. To help us remain connected to ourselves and each other.

Sunday breakfast.
Sunday Breakfast
Local homestead eggs, applewood-smoked bacon, roasted zucchini, grated potato/onion/cheese gratin, oatmeal banana brown bread & Straus sweet butter, mandarin oranges, fresh pineapple & strawberry rose petal compote, Don’s bubbly, and my dark chocolate-dosed cappuccino. Sunday, indeed!

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So what actually matters most to you right now? Each and every day? My husband would say breakfast, lunch and dinner! But I know he would also agree that we’re all hoping for some sense of harmony, health and happiness. Love and laughter. The satisfying gift in fulfillment. The chance to truly feast on life. And what better place to meet these needs and wants than gathered together around the table?

Dig In!
Dig In!

So how can we set ourselves up to support and share such a mutually beneficial process with the greatest of ease? Throughout all the years of working to joyfully realize and create simpler ways of constantly creating abundance, I’ve found that it’s all come down to some tried-and-true rules of thumb I daily depend on. And that’s what I’ll continue to address in upcoming blog posts, so that you can find ways to make them yours too. Thank you for joining me here. I’m so grateful we still get to be together in this fresh new space.

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Bubbly breakfast.

Salut et Bon Appétit! Kay

Hen and rooster napkin rings.
Cluck, cluck, yum, yum …