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As Another Full Circle Comes Round

It’s been a year full of both life-affirming and time-consuming surprises. So I am very pleased to finally be able to sit down and send out an update to all of my readers.

Elisa Weber’s extensive skill set and larger-than-life imagination worked overtime to create this Alice in Wonderland new dining room scene at Della Fattoria.

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Aaron, Kathleen & chef de cuisine Stéphane.
Aaron, Kathleen & chef de cuisine Stéphane

Last fall Don and I had just returned from the deep southwest of France — where we were in the process of trying to buy the gîte (a small holiday home for rent) we had fallen in love with at first sight two years before — when my phone rang with yet another kind of offer.

The Weber family, of Della Fattoria fame, were in the equally long and involved process of trying to meet customer demand by further expanding their multiple offerings to include a larger and more focused restaurant right next door to the original historic bakery building. That’s where back in 2004 I had first worked as their executive chef to help start the Della Fattoria bakery cafe in the heart of downtown Petaluma. They have since completely remodeled the old kitchen, and now both brave visionary Kathleen and her talented son Chef Aaron were asking if I’d be interested in working as a consulting chef to help them organize and make this next huge transition. YES, PLEASE! I’d love to! And I did.

Line out the door.
Line out the door

After months of all the complicated layers of work involved, coupled with a whole series of classic expected unexpected delays and need for yet more changes, we were finally able to open the door on Monday, March 12. And even though we intentionally hadn’t announced a specific opening date, on that longed-for day there was already a line of eager customers waiting down the block.

Thank you, Petaluma! The community spirit here is amazing. And the Della Cafe continues to open it’s doors seven days/week for breakfast, lunch and weekend brunch. They’ve also just finished a whole series of Friday night special menu dinners, and are now expanding again to offer an á la carte dinner menu every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night (from 5:30-9:00pm). That starts tonight and we’ll be there!

Now here are some scenes from the first few months after we opened for breakfast and lunch in the new dining room.

It's a full house.
It’s a full house

Lining everything up …

Aaron & Stephane.
Aaron & Stephane
Cooks Prep Lists.
Cooks Prep Lists
Action on the Line.
Action on the Line

My husband volunteering to taste test one of the first Della Burgers …

Della Burger Don.
Della Burger Don

Can we whet your appetite with a little housemade foie gras or caramelized pork belly?

Foie gras.
Foie gras
Caramelized pork belly.
Caramelized pork belly

Or maybe you’re in the mood for a lentil and vegetable salad,

Lentil & Aromatic Veg Salad.

. . . fried fish and fingerlings,

Fried Fish & Fingerlings.

. . . or an embellished panzanella?

Spring Panzanella.

Of course, it’s always good to leave some room for dessert.

Are you more of a strawberries and cream shortcake or chocolate caramel cupola person?

Strawberry Shortcake.
Chocolate Caramel Cupola.

No matter what, everything is carefully made to both ground your belly and make your heart sing.

Here’s our son, Max, who recently came back to his hometown for a birthday celebration with friends and family at Della Fattoria, where years ago he learned how to make their stellar breads. Cheers, Kathleen!

Max & Kathleen Cheers!

… And congratulations on making this dream come true for us all to share and keep finding joy in.

Now more huge thanks to everyone who helped make this all happen — and there are a lot of you! I once again feel both deeply grateful and honored to have been part of such a creative and pivotal process.

Bon Appétit! Kay

Three Tiny Bites.

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