Keep on Sparkling

With Chilled Vintage Bubbly in Your Glass

En Tirage 2010 Duo.

Back in July I asked you to please stay tuned for future blog installments, as we then needed to set aside the time to heal a pinched neck nerve (and then our devoted dog after her serious knee operation). It all took even more time, patience and care than we originally imagined. But in the meantime, we were also in the process of labeling, foiling and releasing my husband’s 2010 En Tirage sparkling wine, and creating a new website to support that as well.

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So here’s that promised next installment, and you can click on this link to check it out now:

Don in market.

Thanks, Don! For creating yet more effervescent chapters in our ongoing story. Each one of these new adventures continues to provide us with both bubbles and our essential bread and butter. Yum.

Bon Appétit et Bonne Santé! Kay

En Tirage.