It’s a Literal Pain in the Neck

And Something I Would Never Choose to Put on My Joie de Vivre Schedule …

But a pinched nerve is currently insisting I lay off everything like lifting, slicing, chopping, stirring and typing to give it a rest right now. So that’s why you haven’t heard from me in a while.

After feeling frustrated and bored with the whole business, I’ve decided to try to shift gears into considering this a healing retreat opportunity …

Courtyard in summer.

… complete with ice packs, soothing music, and time to both sit down and smell the roses all around. Those opportunities are already right here, and this too shall pass.

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Basket of peaches.

Besides, the peaches are ripe, summertime tomatoes are starting to come into their own, and both dogs and babies continue to set the perfect example for reminding us to keep living in the moment.

Sleeping dogs.

So please stay tuned for future installments, and I hope your own livin’ is easy throughout this whole bountiful summery season.

Bon Appétit! Kay

Seb pats mirror and smiles.
Seb cracking up.
Seb kissing mirror.

 Sweet dreams and starry nights…

Arch Twinklies.