Joie de Vivre Schedule Tip #1

With a Treat for Focusing on Fulfillment …

Asparagus Prosciutto.

In a recent blog post, I addressed the power in learning how to make mindful daily choices that respect and conserve our time, energy and resources, while also supporting and reflecting our true priorities to make room for an expanded sense of creativity, connection and fulfillment. Whew! That’s both a mind, mouth and heart full. But in the past year, I’ve discovered the most effective way to honor these worthy intentions is to first carefully define and then establish a dependably regular work and personal life schedule. What I like to call a “Joie de Vivre Schedule,” that provides a strong yet harmoniously balanced and flexible framework to best serve my purpose with respectful boundaries for all involved.

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So assuming we each hope to realize our own dreams and keep becoming the best version of ourselves possible in any given moment, I’ve decided to celebrate and share with you some of the insights I’ve gathered in pursuit along the way.

The Tip

Here are some of the suggestions I’ve already made to help get you started on your own parallel path:

  • First make a list of all the regular life-support activities you already know you want and need to maintain (e.g., family, friends, work, laundry, cooking, cleaning, gardening, marketing, errands, appointments…).
  • Then dig deeper to compose another list of what you keep hearing yourself say matters most to you, but that rarely or never manages to happen. As well as to discover captivating new possibilities you haven’t even realized were lurking below the surface of your longing.

Now let’s expand that to:

  • Examine all the ways you use and perhaps waste your precious time doing things that either offer very little good return on your investment or fail to serve your defined purpose. (e.g., addictive screen time, social media networking, mediocre tv programs, frequent and disruptive errands, time spent with people who drain you, time and energy spent procrastinating, time complaining about all you didn’t accomplish…)

We’re just getting started here. But next time I’ll skip the recap to immediately move forward with the critical guidelines I’ve found useful in trying to figure out how to successfully integrate our individual needs and wants list items to help make the time and space for everything that actually matters most.

The Treat

We all deserve a break as tasty as this when we come home to cooking and focus on fulfillment. Just click on your treat link below to open my Casual Recipe for Asparagus and Prosciutto Plus pictured above here.

May we all keep discovering reasonable ways to make it easier to create and share the primal joy of living and eating well.

Bon Appétit! Kay

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Bonus Tip: Set a specially selected photo as wallpaper on your cell phone to make you instantly smile every time you reach for it. Now that’s priceless screen time — works for me, little buddy!

Seb smile.