Here’s an Age-Old Epiphany

That Still Rings True and Bears Renewing …

Maggie Winter Nap.

While I like to live the belief that if we keep on dancing, we’ll never grow old (at least in our minds and hearts), as I come up for air this January 6th to take a fresh look around, I realize once again what more primal creatures both instinctively know and automatically practice.

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If we want to keep on dancing, singing, working, playing, creating, cooking, eating, connecting, and celebrating our turn on this wondrous dance floor, then we better start remembering to take some time out for regular deep sleeping too. Yes, the time to begin again has come today — perhaps tonight!

May all your dreams come true.

Bon Appétit for a joyfully well balanced life in this whole new year! Kay

Seb Sleep Stroll.