Life Comes in Bunches

So Why Not Make the Most of Them?

Rose Kate's.

Especially when each day continues to be full of seasonal delights. Like waking up to rose-scented sunrises, hot days in the making, and early morning walks.

“Life Comes in Bunches”, continued

Tomato Pair.
Harvesting tomatoes …
Dogs Dead.
… while the dogs bake their brains out on already warm bricks.
Corn Squash and Peppers.
Gorging on BLT’s and cooking up sweet corn, peppers and squash.
Bottling up last year’s wine to empty the barrels for this year’s crush.
Chanterelles and Leeks.
Sautéeing chanterelles …
Chanterelles in Cream.
… to then bathe in fresh cream.
Galette Nectarine.
Rolling out pastry dough to cradle the last of the dead-ripe nectarines.
Hauling the fermenting rosé inside overnight to keep it warm and bubbling.
En Tirage.
And popping the cork on yet another venerable vintage to salute the abundance all around.

Why not feast on it while we still can?

May we keep living by the light of the harvest moon, as we slide into Autumn with our fully stocked pantries. Here’s to a well-earned rest.

Seb Happy.

Bon Appetit! — Kay