Casual Recipe for Tomato Vinaigrette

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Tomatoa Vinaigrette Ingredients_140While so many of us love eating salads, I’ve been amazed to learn from my students how many people dread making them — especially the dressing part. But when we have sweet, juicy, truly vine-ripened tomatoes to count on all season long, you can throw together both the dressing and the beginning of your salad in a matter of minutes. And did I mention how heavenly this creation both looks and tastes? So go for it! (Then the rest of the year you can depend on my Casual Recipe for Citronette to see you through; see link below.)

“Casual Recipe for Tomato Vinaigrette”, continued:

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Casual Recipe for Tomato Vinaigrette 

You’ll Need: 

vine-ripened tomatoes
salt & black pepper
balsamic vinegar 
sherry vinegar and/or fresh lemon juice
good olive oil

and maybe: 

some fresh herbs (chives, basil, parsley, thyme, chervil or fennel fronds)
a scattering of dried currants

To Make:

[Click on small photos for a visual guide through each step.]

  1. P8262150Slice tomatoes and transfer to your salad bowl. Then add the rest of the ingredients in the order listed, tossing together after each addition and adjusting to your personal taste.  
  2. P8262154 P8262153Sprinkle with salt and grind on the pepper.
  3. P8262157Drizzle on a spoonful of balsamic vinegar to infuse.
  4. P8262164 P8262163Add drops of sherry vinegar and/or lemon juice as needed for acidity.
  5. P8262170Douse with olive oil just to coat.
  6. P8262175Add the optional herbs and/or currants.
  7. P8262187 P8262181Set aside at room temperature for the juices to render, while you prepare the rest of your salad ingredients.
  8. P8262194 P8262192 P8262184Right before serving, first add in any heavier elements (like cucumbers, avocado, fennel, peas, beans, carrots, onions…), and then toss in the salad greens last to evenly coat and combine.
and Play with:

Timing: You can get the tomatoes all dressed even an hour or two before you’re ready to toss the whole salad together, which also buys you plenty of time to prep and chill your salad greens to be cold and crispy.

Additional Goodies: Of course, more substantial possibilities like meaty bits or cooked grains qualify as heavier elements, but I would save cheese, nuts and croûtons for tossing in after the greens are added, so they don’t get soggy or muddied in the process.

P8262203Bon Appetit! Kay

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Tomato Vinaigrette on Green Salad with cucumbers, sugar snap seas, fennel fronds, chicken suprêmes, and Meyer Lemon-Rosemary bread toast.
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