Set Yourself Up with Freshly Ground Beef

Simple Pantry Stock Tip

Beef Ground 2_544Decades of professional cooking long ago firmly rooted me in the critical practice of making sure both my hands and equipment were thoroughly clean before starting to cook with them. And I’ve always been particularly concerned about the potential build-up of unhealthy germs and bacteria on machine parts hidden inside mixers, processors, blenders and grinders — especially when they might be left to set for the next use without cleaning in between.

“Set Yourself Up with Freshly Ground Beef”, continued:

Beef Ground 1_452So when I walked into Thistle Meats the other day to order 3 lb. of ground beef and watched Solicia first thoroughly wash her hands, select a piece of chuck from the cold case, weigh it, trim and cut it into perfectly even 2″ cubes, momentarily disappear into the kitchen, re-emerge with the sparkling clean grinder parts to insert into their industrial-strength machine, and then start grinding this custom-prepped meat to order, my heart began to sing. I also knew that freshly ground mound would remain perfectly tender as well as tasty, since it was immediately wrapped up for me to take home, instead of getting stored or over-worked with too much handling.

Beef Ground 3_618

It doesn’t get better than this, particularly when you can also rest assured that all Thistle meats come from local sources they both know and can trust to follow sustainable practices. It’s also true that the entire staff mirrors the care and integrity owner Molly Best has brought to our town of Petaluma in her more traditional whole animal butchery. If you don’t live close enough to be able to take advantage of this particular shop, then at least you can know what to look for, ask about, and support in your own community.

Sorry I don’t have a photo here of the gorgeous burgers this stellar ground beef got grilled into for everyone gathered around our extended family table, but they were all gobbled up before I could grab my camera. Time to go make some of your own!


Freshly ground beef keeps at least four days wrapped in the fridge.
[But if they’re going to go to all this trouble to prepare it for us, then why not get more than you need for now, and keep the rest handy in 1 lb. packages in your freezer.]

Possible Uses:

Hamburgers, meatloaf, meatballs, and meaty pasta sauces.

Bon Appetit! Kay

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