Set Yourself Up with Ripe Melon

Simple Pantry Stock Tip

Apricots & Melons 478Even though it’s best to keep melons at room temperature so they can fully ripen, you don’t want to end up losing track of and then throwing them out by the end of the week.So as soon as their heady perfume starts to grab you when you walk in the room, why not capture and preserve that sweet essence while you still can?

“Set Yourself Up with Ripe Melon”, continued:

Just clean off the outer skin surface with a soapy lather and good rinse, cut the whole melon in half, scoop out the seeds, cut each half into wedges, then slice them off the peel, transfer to a covered container, and stick it in the fridge. It hardly gets simpler than this, and now you’re good to go, any time of day or night.


Up to five days refrigerated in a covered container.

  • With breakfast, cut up in fruit salads, as a healthy snack, juicy picnic fare, refreshing appetizer or light dessert.
  • Eat plain,
  • Or dosed with a little Grand Marnier, or lemon juice and honey, or balsamic or raspberry vinegar, or port wine,
  • Or classically dressed up with thinly sliced prosciutto (and maybe a gooey wedge of taleggio cheese?),
  • And then garnished with violets, rose petals, fresh mint, basil or lemon verbena leaves.

Do whatever combination works best for your particular purpose and palate.

Bon Appetit! Kay

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