The Primal Pot

This Time of Beans —

Carrots & mustard flowers_154 copy_480.jpgThey were Rancho Gordo Mayocoba heirloom beans, gently simmered into silkiness with a generous mound of caramelized mirepoix, and further enriched with the additional layers of flavor and texture in pulled chunks of the intensely sweet, hot and smoky barbecued braised Thistle beef and pork rib meat we had left over from our son’s birthday party.

“The Primal Pot”, continued:

Ribs beef_230 copy_480.jpgThen I fire-roasted some orange, red and yellow bell peppers to peel, seed and dice for a quick saute in a pan already full of thinly sliced zucchini. Add those colorful vegetables to the bean pot too. Hmmm, now how about some softly fried bacon lardons, just to make sure? Then a final spoonful of that homemade barbecue sauce and a sprinkling of salt to harmonize the whole into a balanced presence. More careful tasting and consideration…

It didn’t need a thing. But when I ladled out our hearty supper into warmed bowls to pass around, I decided to gild this particular lily with grated local pepper jack cheese to melt on the surface for another kind of heat gone gooey, and then top it all off with a dollop of cold Straus sour cream to spoon through on the way down.

Yes, the odd bits I happened to have on hand inspired yet another memorable one-night stand, created in the moment to “waste not, want not,” as one of our favorite family sayings goes, by making yet more of already good things. I always learn something new from these spontaneous combinations and could certainly follow the general theme again sometime, but the exact same ingredients assembled in such dishes remain essentially and gloriously unrepeatable. They’re all part of the continuum.

So make and get it while you can.

Come together.  Max on wheels_173 copy_480.jpg

Natalie_177 copy_480.jpg

We’re here to savor and celebrate every spoonful along the way.

Cheers and Happy Daffodil Days! Kay

Max sabers bubbly_199 copy_480.jpg

Daffodil days_158 copy_480.jpg

Don’t forget that Citronette dressing I hope you’re keeping on hand now too! How about using it for a crisp little gem lettuce hearts and Belgian endive salad to go with the meaty beans? Lightly shower with castelvetrano olives and mustard flowers.
[Kay’s Casual Recipe for Citronette]

Salad citronette_206 copy_480.jpg