A Riph on Epiphany

Still Rippling Through My January Days —

Bozo Bread Don_316 copy_480How perfect is it that today Don happens to be making slowly risen bread? I’ve decided we should feast on it tonight for a classically simple yet fortifying supper with a bottle of our own red wine, a wedge of cheese and generous drizzles of extra-virgin olive oil. Only that before the tempting apple.

And then as the oven preheats to on high, may we manifest the 12th night cake in the form of ginger spice and chocolate mint cookies we also have baking. Everything all set to arrive with royal mandarins and yet another momentous opportunity for personal insight and revelation.
Guide us to our perfect light.

“A Riph on Epiphany”, continued:
When I dashed out the door earlier this morning determined to fit in a brisk walk come hell or high water, just halfway down our block the sun broke through the equally serious clouds, so that even El Nino couldn’t rain on my parade. Having passed up all my exercise opportunities yesterday, I was delighted and doubly grateful for that gift. Yes, there was an answer and it really made me smile.
Life is so generous when we let it be.
Can you hear the whispered words, your own drum roll sounding and all these symbols applauding us on? May we bear and share our gifts as wise ones, following our inner star to traverse afar and come home all the richer within.
And now for the chorus…Rise Up, Rise Up, Give Thanks and Carry On! We have a whole new year already in the making.
Let it be the best! Kay